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How much to run that space heater?

Here’s the correct formula. First, find out how many watts the heater uses. A kilowatt hour (kWh) equals 1,000 watt hours, and our residential energy rate is $0.08298/kWh. • Watts X hrs used = Total watt hours • Total watt hours divided by 1,000 = Total kWh used • kWh used X $0.08298 = daily…
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Consumer Fraud Alert

Beware of Scams Ferry County PUD does not use third party businesses or outside entities to collect on active accounts. Ferry County PUD is warning customers of a telephone scam targeting local residents. Scammers call and say that they are from the power company and that the customer owes money and will be disconnected if…
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The History of the Ferry County PUD

Electricity was first introduced to the town of Republic in 1901. After contracts with three different companies failed to produce power, the Town Council granted Patrick H. Walsh the franchise to produce and transmit electricity for the area. Walsh's company, The Republic Light & Power Company, built its generation plant on O'Brien Creek, about three…
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